Books in Print - publications by international author Ronald Morrish

"Secrets of Discipline: 12 Keys for Raising Responsible Children"

"Secrets of Discipline" presents the keys to effective child discipline in a clear and understandable format. Learn how to raise and teach children without all the deal-making, arguments, and confrontations. Learn how to set appropriate limits, teach courtesy and respect, and deal effectively with defiance.

"Secrets of Discipline is parent-friendly, practical, effective and immediately applicable." - Midwest Review

"With All Due Respect: Keys for Building Effective School Discipline"

"With All Due Respect" helps teachers develop their personal discipline skills and teaches the essential strategies for building discipline as a team. Teachers learn how to:

• increase time for teaching
• improve standards for student work
• put authority back in the teacher role
• decrease reliance on punishment and suspension

“Secrets of Discipline“ and “With All Due Respect“
"Never in my career as an administrator have so many teachers, veteran and new, come to me with such positive evaluations."
- Richard Roth, Principal, Almeria Middle School, Fontana CA