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Ronald Morrish - author, speaker, discipline and behavioural consultant

"Determining what discipline means to you will determine the amount of success you have. Will you teach good behaviour, or punish bad?"

What is real discipline?

"Real discipline" isn't some new theory. It simply refers to all the techniques that great parents and teachers use to teach children to be respectful, responsible, and cooperative. The problem is that today's popular discipline uses different techniques. As a result, many children are becoming manipulative and defiant.

Now Available in Digital Formats

"Secrets of Discipline" and "With All Due Respect" have both been made available in digital formats. They are available in Kindle, Kobo, and other formats.

Ronald Morrish Presenting

International Speaker

Schools, parents, organizations, and conferences have benefited from Ron's humour, experience, and expertise. And, feedback is consistently positive. Find out where he will be next!

Watch Now!

Filmed in 1997, in front of a live audience of parents and education professionals, this 80-minute performance will provide you with a host of insights that are still fresh and on-point for today's discipline. Whether you are a parent or teacher, make sure you have these great resources at your fingertips!

Learn more about child discipline and education.

Reduce violence, underachievement, disrespect, and disruption in the classroom! "With All Due Respect" provides educators with the keys for teaching children to be respectful, co-operative, and productive. The value of prevention is stressed, but there are also effective techniques for dealing with any problems that may arise. Moreover, it works! When the teachers at Almeria Middle School in Fontana, California, implemented these strategies, student misconduct declined by over 50%!

How did my child(ren) end up with all the power?

Millions of parents and teachers are wondering what has happened to discipline in today's world. How did children end up with all the choices and all the power? Now, here is a brand new resource that helps parents and teachers get back on track. "Secrets of Discipline" presents the basics of discipline in a clear, easy-to-understand style. Only when children are well-trained and well-taught do they handle their choices with respect for the rights and needs of others.

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Speaking to Parents and Teachers

Ron has presented well over 1,000 sessions to parents and teachers about discipline tips and strategies at home and in the classroom focusing on respect, cooperation, and prevention.


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